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17.1 Questionnaire Language (QL)
17.2 Teachlog

17 Language Gems I

17.1 Questionnaire Language (QL)

Matthew Flatt

Slides Code

  #lang survey-dsl


  form Box1HouseOwning {

     hasSoldHouse: "Did you sell a house in 2010?" boolean

     hasBoughtHouse: "Did you by a house in 2010?" boolean

     hasMaintLoan: "Did you enter a loan for maintenance?" boolean


     if (hasSoldHouse) {

       sellingPrice: "Price the house was sold for:" money

       privateDebt: "Private debts for the sold house:" money

       valueResidue: "Value residue:" money(sellingPrice - privateDebt)



17.2 Teachlog

Jay McCarthy

We will be walking through the implementation of a logic language in Racket. If you want to follow along with the code on your own machine, then see:


We suggest, however, that you open your own buffer and implement it as we walk through it. If you do so, then you’ll want to put a directory named my-teachlog in the work directory you created for Wednesday’s activities. If you forgot how to create that, then see: